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Upper (Middle & High School)

Cultivating God's destiny

Academic and Career Planning

Beginning in Level 7, students meet with a counselor to build an inventory of personality traits and career interests. Each year, components are added to the meeting to suit the growing needs of the students - from career exploration to university application and preparation.

Private Tutor

Building upon the foundation laid in the first six levels in elementary, students continue to work through the seven core curriculums with the addition of required electives (e.g. New Testament Survey, Health, Music, Spanish, French, etc.) and additional instructional programs (e.g. Accounting, Art, etc.).


Through Accelerate Educational Ministries' Certificate Program, students in Level 8 choose from an array of subjects that best suit their interests and strengths. Working hand in hand with the Academic and Career Planning team, students are guided to choose subjects relevant to their university major.

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