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About Us


To educate students in knowledge, wisdom, and Godly principles.


Destiny Intercultural Academy (DIA) was born out of a desire for a wholesome, Biblical education that places value on things beyond academics. We realize that while knowledge is important, wisdom is just as important and it is with that in mind that DIA was established. Academic excellence is key, but so is the development of character, awareness of their surroundings, passion for diversity, and other non-academic interests, such as music, sports, art, cooking, etc.


We believe that each child is unique in their God-given destiny, and as such, must be viewed as individuals with their own learning styles, interests, and purpose. It is why we chose the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum as the foundation of our school, which champions mastery learning and takes an individualized and independent approach to education. Additionally, Biblical principles and values are naturally embedded in the curriculum through the 90 characters of Christ that are weaved into every module. 


We are a homeschooling community where learning is focused on individual needs and there is a high degree of flexibility. At the same time, students learn in a community where students grow together in Christ.

Wholesome Education

We believe that education cannot stop at the mind and that nurturing the Biblical values of passion for diversity, openness, and the environment is vital to developing wholesome individuals. There is more beyond academics; good, Godly character and interests in non-academic areas (such as art, music, sports, etc) create well-rounded individuals who will be able to fulfill their unique, God-given purpose in life.

Mastery Learning

Our curriculum focuses on giving students individualized attention to ensure that they have complete mastery of one topic before moving on to the next. We believe that failure results from the lack of time and quality instruction. Thus, each student moves at their own pace and is given personalized instruction that suits their unique approach to learning. This allows students to accelerate in subjects that they are strong at and allows them time to master concepts that they find difficult. As a result, students do not feel pressured to slow down or keep up with their peers - the focus is solely on their learning journey.

Spiritual Development

We believe that a profound understanding of God’s Words is crucial in developing faith and wisdom. With the integration of Biblical principles and the 90 character traits of Christ, students are continuously exposed to and reaffirmed in their understanding of God and His Words.

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