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Enrichment Class

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School should not just be about academics. That is why we provide classes outside of the Learning Center where students can learn new skills in small groups.

These classes are part of the school curriculum and are a part of DIA's overall school program.

Physical Education

Available across all levels, students' coordination, strength, and skill in various sports are developed during these 50-minute weekly classes.


Art & Craft

Available for the Elementary Levels, students meet weekly to complete projects which challenge their artistic skills. Students are also exposed to new art styles.


Available for the Elementary Levels, students learn the foundations of music and dance. The joy of music is the guiding principle behind this class and students prepare for various performances through this class. 


Math & Science

Available for the Upper Levels, students are exposed to various facets of math and science through projects, experiments, and group activities which force them to think outside the box.

English & Literature

Available for the Upper Levels, students read one work of literature per semester and participate in activities that challenge their critical thinking and analytical skills. Some books which have been read include To Kill A Mockingbird, Animal Farm, and The Giver.

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