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Spirit Week

During the week of March 6 - 10, 2023, we held our first Spirit Week where students came dressed in various themes, and ended the festivities with a day of games and fun.

Day 1 was Character Day and students (as well as teachers) did not disappoint. There were Spidermen and princesses running about the school, as well as wizards and a cowboy.

Day 2 was Twin Tuesday and students came in pairs and triplets in matching outfits.

On Wednesday's Anything-But-A-Bag Day, we saw buckets, helmets, laundry hampers, and many creative receptacles used to carry PACEs and lunches instead of the traditional bag.

Thursday was a cozy day with pajamas all around, followed by a viewing of Turning Red in the Chapel Room.

To end the week, students came to school dressed in school colors and teams competed for a prize.

See you at the next Spirit Week!


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