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Maestro Kids Performance

On Friday, September 15, 2023, we were invited to perform at Maestro Radio, the premier Christian radio in Bandung. Every class performed and gave their best during the show where we were broadcasted on Maestro's airwaves and Instagram Live.

The Elementary Class opened the session with an exciting rendition of Nashville Life Music's My God. The Kindergarten Class experienced a bout of illnesses, leaving only one student available to perform. Despite her nerves and fear, she recited Psalm 100 and sang If I Were a Butterfly. It was an inspirational performance by Janice Deona Manurung. The ABCs Class (Level 1 students) shared a meaningful story about Sandy Sunfish and thankfulness for God's provision.

Next, the Vocal CCA students performed a cover of Katy Perry's Roar, which was followed by a reading of an original short story by Aleina Bhydarri Andramathea (Level 5). This piece won her a gold medal at the Destiny Interschool Student Competition back in May. The Upper-Class students also gave their all during their performance of I'm So Blessed. The session ended with a cover of Seasons of Love by students across all levels.

It was a blessed time of songs and stories. The entire performance is available to watch here. Thank you to Maestro Radio for inviting and hosting us.


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