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Independence Day Celebration

The 2023 Independence Day Celebration at DIA held on August 18, 2023 concluded with rousing success.

The day began with a serene flag-hoisting ceremony in which teachers and staff dutifully participated in the ceremony while students attended. Unlike last year, the celebration was conducted in the parking lot to accommodate the growing number of students in attendance. Mr. Ojak Hutagulang, who is more lovingly referred by students as Coach O, was the leader of the ceremony. His speech on the importance of unity and compassion for one another served as a great reminder of the foundation of this nation.

The Dance CCA (Co-Curricular Activity) students prepared two riveting dance performances. The Elementary dancers prepared a flag dance while the Upper dancer trio danced to a medley of Indonesian regional songs. The performances kicked started the celebration part of the day!

Games were had immediately after where students were divided into four teams. Each team moved between zones where various games were prepared. The games chosen were classic games that one might see in various neighborhoods around Indonesia during the Independence Day festivities. All teams gathered back at the parking lot for the final two games: sack race and pass the water.

Team Four came out victorious while the other teams went home with happy hearts and wet shirts.

Happy birthday, Indonesia!


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