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Graduation and Awards Ceremony

On June 14, 2024, we celebrated the end of the academic year and the graduation of nine students - three (3) from Kindergarten, three (3) from Elementary, and three (3) from Upper Class.

The morning began with pledges led by the Kindergarten graduates - Anna Bjanka Pouwel, Janice Deona Manurung, Tyreen Evangeline Vincent - and prayer by one of the Elementary graduates, Ravaela Elaine Marcelli (Level 6).

The event proceeded with performances by students across the levels: a mini drama and a song by the Kindergarten students, A Million Dreams by the Vocal CCA students, a special dance number by the Dance CCA students, and You'll Be in My Heart by the Elementary students.

Representing the parents of the graduating class were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wong, and Reilana Lexa Koswara (Level 12) addressed the audience with a speech as a representative of the graduating class.

Afterwards it was various awards - from Academic Awards highlighting students' achievements throughout the semester and Character Awards where students are awarded one character trait based on the observation of teachers during the academic year. Three students received Honor Rolls this semester:

  • Jessy Manuelle Langi - Supervisor's Honor Roll

  • Aleina Bhydarri Andramathea - Principal's Honor Roll

  • Alicia Cathleen Sudhanta - Principal's Honor Roll

Finally, the graduates received their certificates and diplomas in order to officially graduate!

Before ending the ceremony, Mr. Denny Saba as one of the Board Members of DIA offered his thoughts and prayers for the graduates, students, teachers, and parents in attendance.

Happy graduation, graduates! You did it!

For more pictures of the festivities, view here.


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