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June 8, 2022 was a momentous day for DIA as it was our first-ever graduation ceremony. We celebrated the finishing of the Kindergarten students who have successfully completed their kinder years.

The event began with a prayer from Mr. Denny Saba, one of our Board Members, and followed by a few words from Mr. Teddy Sugianto as a representative of the parents. Ms. Ruth Paulina shared a few words before the Kindergarten students performed a special song and dance.

The graduands - Arisa Yohansa, Jonathan Dave Sugianto, Moses Radeva Arsyanendra, and Javier Alexander Joshila - were then awarded their certificates before proceeding to take a group photo with the Elementary students who came to sing a surprise farewell song to Ms. Ruth Paulina, our Kindergarten teacher, who is leaving DIA.

Congratulations to all graduands and family!


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