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Destiny Interschool Student Competition 2022

On September 28, six students set off to Salatiga to participate in the first-ever Destiny Interschool Student Competition (DISC). Organized together with other ACE schools in the region, the competition seeks to provide students with the opportunity to compete in a healthy, supportive environment in areas of Academics, Art, Music, Sports, and Platform.

Upon arriving in Salatiga, students competed in the Spelling Bee and Preaching. During the nightly Rally, one of our own (and youngest participant), Val Moses Daniel (Level 4), was chosen for a Command Performance where he got to preach the sermon he wrote in front of all the participants. Even though he was nervous, he prayed and surrendered to God who helped him perform his best!

On Day 2, students competed in the athletic and sports events at Kridanggo Stadium. Athletic events such as sprint, soccer kick, high jump, and relay were done under the hot Salatiga sun. Afterward, everyone returned to the venue for the music competition.

The last day is awards day! But before that, Chelsea Silalahi (Level 10) was chosen to do a Command Performance of her Self-Accompanied Solo. Everyone came home with bags heavier with medals and most importantly, an irreplaceable experience of meeting students from all over Java. We can't wait for next year's DISC!

The list of winners from DIA are as follows:

100m Sprint - Female (U/13)

  • 2nd Place - Aeynabelle Jyoti Kurniawan (Level 6)

  • 1st Place - Cherissa Rayhanna (Level 6)

100m Sprint - Male (U/13)

  • 1st Place - Nicolas Lemuel (Level 7)

Long Jump - Male

  • 2nd Place - Nicolas Lemuel (Level 7)

Spelling Bee (U/13)

  • 1st Place - Kyriel Abram Mahardika Tandililing Paundu (Level 6)

Spelling Bee (U/16)

  • 1st Place - Chelsea Silalahi (Level 10)

Photography - Nature

  • 2nd Place - Chelsea Silalahi (Level 10)

  • 1st Place - Kyriel Abram Mahardika Tandililing Paundu (Level 6)

Photography - Portraiture

  • 2nd Place - Chelsea Silalahi (Level 10)

Self-Accompanied Solo

  • 2nd Place - Chelsea Silalahi (Level 10)


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